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With Many years of experience doing business as a quality fire restoration company, Mold Removal Jacksonville knows how to tackle tough fire damage repair for residential and commercial properties. Mold Removal Jacksonville is swift, and at the same time, they entirely do the job better than their competitors. Our fire damage restoration crew is ready to restore your property from smoke and fire damage. Our team is prepared for your call in Jacksonville, and our number one priority is 100% satisfaction.

Mold Removal Jacksonville is ready to go fire damage restoration company that works efficiently and professionally. Our company provides the community of Jacksonville with a 24-hour emergency line to service fire damage repair concerns that you may have.

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Fire Damage Restoration Jacksonville Florida

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Professional and Knowledgeable Fire Damage Restoration Company

Jacksonville Firefighter in a House Fire

Our fire damage and repair crew are experienced at multiple fire property damage related services.

These services include:

  • Fire Restoration
  • Soot cleaning
  • Smoke odor control
  • Smoke odor clean up
  • Structure damage cleanup
  • Contents cleaning
  • Reclamation
  • Content cleanup
  • HVAC cleaning

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A fire can cause multiple points of damage throughout your property. The heat, fire, and smoke will cause direct physical damage to the property. Other indirect damage points include fire-affected water systems on the property and fire-retardant hazardous chemicals that have been used on the property as well. Water system damage could have caused flooding on the property or could have produced hot steam that could have destroyed the building’s wood foundation. Chemicals that have been emitted throughout the property need to be addressed as well.

To address the multiple points of damage throughout the property, a professional is needed to make an experienced estimate of the cost. Our professionals have the knowledge, experience, and the right equipment to handle the multiple points of damage sustained throughout the property. Our professionals at Mold Removal Jacksonville will provide you with detailed recommendations after their inspection. Recommendations will include materials that will be used to complete the job and how our professionals will remove all traces of the fire damage.

Experienced Affordable Jacksonville Fire Damage Company

We know from experience that fire restoration needs to be quickly and thoroughly done. We know this from working with multiple clients who understand the legal issues involved with not having an immediate response to fire damage. Fire and smoke damage requires an expedient response. Our company, Mold Removal Jacksonville, is trained to bring your property back to its prefire condition without interrupting your life and business. Our services will help bring your property back to its normal state by thoroughly analyzing your property and applying the appropriate services. You should contact us today to get an estimate.

When Fire Strikes

A fire can begin just about anywhere. Fires can start from tiny electrical fires that can burn down the entire property. Fires can start from stoves, neglected storage areas within the property, and even from people. Wherever they begin, the damage includes physical damage from burning and the toxins emitted from the smoke. Restoring a property that has been damaged from fire and smoke is not an easy task that can be completed by anyone. Consulting Mold Removal Jacksonville is an excellent choice because they have an experienced team to address the fire damage.

After The Fire… What do you do?

After you have experienced a fire at your home or property in Jacksonville, you should contact us immediately. The first reaction of the homeowner is to try to clean up the mess themselves and recover the sentimental property. However, this is not a good thing to do. The touching of fire-affected areas without the expertise of the fire restoration professional can make the damage worse and cause the cost of rehabilitation to go up in price.

Our fire damage restoration crew at mold removal Jacksonville has over 60 years of experience in consulting and performing fire-related restoration services. This crew has experienced every type of fire restoration issue throughout Jacksonville and can make an informed recommendation that you can honestly decide on.

After a fire, the best action that you can take is to contact our fire damage restoration team for an estimate and an action plan.

Are the Chemicals You Use Safe?

The chemicals that we use at Mold Removal Jacksonville to restore property from fire damage is not harmful to you, your pets, the environment, or your family. The products are 100% environmentally safe.

We use new technology to pretreat all fire infected areas after we remove debris from the property. This treatment will disinfect areas affected by fire damage that include furnishings, air ducts, walls, carpets, vents, crawlspaces, and other spaces that are deemed the problem by our team. This clear treatment technology works to eliminate secondhand smoke too. This removes what has been disinfected and prepares surfaces to be repainted. This technology also removes discoloration from water damage and mold. To safely apply this technology, a professional should be hired.

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