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pest control services Rowlett TX

Pest control is a tedious yet important process for any building. Pests are not only inconvenient to deal with but also lead to poor hygiene and diseases. If you require urgent commercial or residential pest control services in Rowlett, TX, with over 40 years of experience, contact us at Safe Earth Pest Control.

Our residential pest control services

For our residential clients, we offer bi-monthly, monthly, and annual pest control packages split into our silver, gold, and platinum plans. At the silver level, we offer five general pest treatments and thorough inspections. This includes five quarterly eave sprays and perimeter sprays.

At the gold level, we offer bi-monthly treatments with seven general pest treatments, thorough inspections, eave sprays, and perimeter sprays. You also get 50% off on mosquito treatment and one fire ant treatment. At the Platinum level, we offer monthly treatments consisting of 12 general pest treatments, thorough inspections, eave sprays, and perimeter sprays. You also get four fire ant treatments and one free mosquito treatment.

We also offer separate emergency pest control for pests like rodents, fire ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitos, termites, earwigs, and fleas. For immediate pest control services in Rowlett, TX, please contact us.

What to expect from our pest treatment

We offer both interior and exterior pest control treatments. Inside your house, our tasks include inspecting and removing all spider webs. We then apply residual dust to plumbing fixtures, like under the sink.

We also place glue boards in places like your garage or other likely areas to monitor insects and arachnids. The chemical we use is non-toxic and safe to people and the environment, as it comes from the chrysanthemum plant.

Outside your home, we will also remove spider webs and place residual dust at weep holes. We will then spray the perimeter with insecticide spray or capsules. This also includes spraying any cracks in sidewalks or driveways.

How do you treat fire ants?

Fire ants are one of the worst infestations to have, considering that they sting. We treat the exterior of your house with a liquid insecticide, which can be either short term or long term treatment. The treatment can deter fire ants for 12 months or even longer.

Fire ant infestations are widespread and are our most common insect treatment. Fire ants love nesting in open areas such as lawns, parks, gardens, schoolyards, or anywhere with good sunlight. Contact us if you spot fire ant mounds.

Things to look for in pest control companies

When you choose a pest control company, safety and reliability are very important. Look at customer testimonials or ask for references to see what past clients have to say. You should also verify the company’s reputation on the Better Business Bureau website.

Also, ask about the type of chemicals they use as insecticides. Some old ones can be quite toxic to animals and humans. Our chemicals are safe and plant-derived.

Are you looking for pest control services in Rowlett, TX? Contact Safe Earth Pest Control for all your pest control services.

pest control services Rowlett TX