Commercial Sewage Clean up

Commercial Sewage Cleanup Jacksonville

Walking into your business to find a sewage backup is no fun. It doesn’t matter if it is a sewer or a septic tank, they are both bad. Here at Mold Removal Jacksonville, we make this experience much easier on you. We have many years and hundreds of jobs under our belt. We can get your business back to 100% in no time and make dealing with the insurance easy. You have all our experts by your side through the entire process.

We will get your business back open very fast and smelling good.

Having the sewage backup is a dangerous thing for your health. If you don’t take care of in a timely manner and you can experience other problems like flourishing bacteria and viruses… and the mold that will grow in your walls.

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A few things that you should do if you are experiencing a sewage backup

  • Remove everybody from the affected area
  • Turn off the water
  • Turn off the electricity
  • Call 904 447 8752 and speak to one of our sewage remediation experts
  • Open the doors and windows to ventilate the area

What is the process of Sewage Cleanup?

Assess the situation and inspect the damage
Once one of our certified technicians has been sent out to your home they will begin to inspect your property to see how bad the sewage damage is. We will then provide you with the scope of the project including how long will take, how much money will cost, and list of the restoration services that you will need

Repair the damage
Our certified experts will start to repair the damaged elements at your location, making sure that there’s nothing else that is needing to be updated or repaired.

Dry-Out and Dehumidification
We have a piece of very specialized equipment that is used to remove the water dry out all the moisture in Dehumidify the air. In order for everything to the perfect, we must remove all of the moisture.

Thorough Cleaning and Sanitization
In this step, we will be going overhaul of the damaged areas if it can be saved and it will be saved. We will clean sanitize and deodorize the affected area while treating it to prevent mold growth.

The Rebuild
We will start the restoration process by replacing anything that has been damaged due to the sewage. This can include walls, and furniture, flooring, fixtures, as well as structural elements.



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