Mold Testing

Certified Mold Testing in Jacksonville Florida

One of our specialties is mold testing. Doing the line of work and we do with water damage and mold removal, testing has become an everyday thing.

We can tell you exactly what type of mold it is so the remediation process is much easier. We can also tell you if it’s toxic or not and put those fears to rest.

The 3 Main Reasons Why People Get Mold Testing

1. They see something that looks like a toxic mold
2. Family members or work associates keep getting sick a lot
3. Smell a musty smell on the air

Mold is the symptom of a bigger issue

Mold occurs when water gets into your house, whether that’s from a burst pipe a leaky roof or leaky basement, a sewer overflow, or just a plain old plumbing leak. Once it gets into your house you’ll notice you might have a musty smell in the air or a discoloration on wall, sometimes even see your paint start to bubble up. This is when you call us!

We know the dangers of mold and exactly how to test it. Give us a call at 904 447 8752 and one of our mold testing experts will get on the phone with few and explain the process that we will use to test and identify from old you’re dealing with. We can usually make same-day appointments and hold our self to the highest quality of service.


If this is not an emergency then please fill out the form and someone will get back to you shortly.

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