Sewage Backup

Sewage Backup

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Here at Mold Removal Jacksonville of Florida we can handle any of your sewage backup needs. We offer 24 hour emergency services, if your bathroom toilet in the middle of the night and floods your house, we can be over within 45 minutes of your call. We have all of the equipment needed to clean, sanitize, dry, and deodorize all of the materials in your house. We are fully licensed and insured offering fast service with state of the art equipment.

With millions of people affected by contaminated sewer water it is important that when you do have a sewage backup you clean it immediately as it can turn into a major health problem. Sewer water contains many harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and Ecoli.

Our Sewage backup service will come out your location and get to work immediately. They will start by doing an inspection and see which items and areas were affected by the spill. They will start by cleaning the affected areas with special sanitizing cleaner that contains antimicrobials, extract all of the water from affected areas, and go through and eliminate all of the moisture with our equipment. Truth is that there are many more steps than that, that’s just an overview.

Why do sewer backups happen?

There are a bunch are reasons why backups happen some of the most common are items flushed down the toilet, roots getting in your piping, when a pipe collapses, and build-up in the pipes.

What are the three types of contaminated water?

The three types of contaminated water are clean water, gray water, and black water. As you can assume the darker the water the worse it is! The level of contamination also affects how much the service costs to clean the area. Don’t be mistaken Clean water if left untreated can easily turn and to a gray or black water situation….AND these changes will directly affect the health of the people at that location.

What are the Sources of Contaminated Water?

Clean Water: Clean Water is usually from a burst pipe like a sink or regular water line.

Gray Water: Gray water is where viruses and bacteria start, these usually come from a overflowed toilet, broken dishwasher line, or broken washing machine.

Black Water: blackwater is the worst category of contaminated water it can cause diseases infection and death. Usually blackwater columns from a severe sewage overflow, flooding from outside, bad toilet overflows with feces, or stagnant water that has been sitting.




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