Sewage Clean-Up in the Bathroom

Sewage Clean-Up in the Bathroom


One of the most common problems we see is toilets overflowing. When the toilet overflows especially upstairs there can be big implications. If the water is able to get into the walls it will not only cause a health hazard but it also increased the cost of remediation the longer it sits.

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We have been doing this for years and can be up to your residence or business in about 45 minutes. Once we’ve come over we will assess the situation and start to clean up. They will extract all of the sewage debris, dispose of all the sewage-contaminated objects, and began the drying process. Next up they will have to begin cleaning and sanitizing and disinfecting the affected areas. One of the major problems after a situation like this is mold, in order to prevent mold from growing we will drive the area very well and views safe means to mold-proof the area.

Why should you use us for your bathroom sewage cleanup?

We have been in business for years and we will take care of you. You can feel safe with us as we are licensed, insured, and all of our employees are drug tested. We deliver high quality of service and guarantee the use of the most current methods and standards. We are insurance friendly and know how to deal with them in the most effective and efficient way to get you the most back. We offer free estimates and have some of the most competitive prices in Florida.



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