Sewage Clean-Up in Yard

Sewage Clean-Up in Yard

Yard Sewage Cleanup Services 904-447-8752

Sewage in the yard happens when the sewage line or septic breaks or overflows. You’ll know this happens when your yard starts to smell like sewage and other things. It is very important that you can get this cleaned up buy expert professionals.

Be warned that If you attempt to clean this yourself, you can potentially be exposed to bacteria, viruses, e-coli, hepatitis, and worse. We have all the proper protective equipment and hazmat suits to stay fully protected and do this for a living. We are efficient and thorough.

What to do if you have a minor sewage spill?

If you have a minor sewage spill; you can take care of it very easily. First, make sure that the pipe is turned off, so the sewage stops coming out. Then Go to the garden store and pick up a bag of garden lime you can use this white dust to completely cover the sewage, after 24 hours once the sewage has dried up think you can shovel it into a doubled garbage bag and toss it out. If you have thicker areas of the sewage in your yard be sure to break in some garden lime and let the dry for a little longer.

What to do if you have a major sewage spill?

Give us a call immediately at 904-447-8752, we offer 247 on emergency sewage services and can be to your house within 45 minutes of your call. The longer you wait to call us, the worse it is going to get. This will not resolve itself it only gets worse as time goes on and will become a major health hazard within hours. Let us protect you and your family, call us today.



If this is not an emergency then please fill out the form and someone will get back to you shortly.

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