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How Water Damage Starts and What you Should Know!

As a homeowner, water damage is one of the things that can be a huge headache when they occur. Water damage Jacksonville can be brought about by various factors; floods, storms, hurricanes, heavy rains and leaking pipes are some of the main causes of water damage. Regardless of the cause, water damage can cause severe damage to your property esp especially when neglected. It is up to the homeowner to hire water damage Jacksonville experts to mitigate the damage and restore your home. If you are in Jacksonville, you don’t have to search for a water damage cleanup expert anymore; we are here for you. We are a professional water damage repair and restoration company operating in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Regardless of how big your flooding problem seems, we are confident we can help.

Health hazards

When you have water damage, it is easy for bacteria to find a home and breed in those wet areas. It gets even worse if a flood caused water damage since floods can bring in water with all kinds of harmful substances, including sewage water. Flooding from storms is a major problem in the whole state of Florida and it requires a combination of trained professionals, professional equipment and special techniques to correctly treat it.

Prevent structural damage to your property

When you have water damage, it is best to treat it as soon as possible before it causes structural damage to your home. When water seeps through the walls, floor and other areas affected by the water damage, it could lead to structural damage to the house especially in the parts made of wood. If you wait too long, it can become incredibly expensive to repair which is why it’s always advisable to act quickly.

Avoid electrical issues

As we all know, water and electricity don’t mix and when they do, terrible things happen. The last thing you want is even a drop of water getting to the electricity-carrying wires in your home or even worse, the electronics. Having water damage is an electrical hazard since when left unattended to, the water may seep through and make it to the electrical wires. This can result in unexpected fires that can be disastrous.

Maintain home value

Water damage can have lasting effects that may cause your home value to drop significantly. First, if the water damage causes structural damage, this will reduce the value of the home and also make it a lot harder to sell. Water damage may also leave unsightly marks on floors and walls as well as bad odors in some cases. To protect the value of your home, you need water damage Jacksonville experts to help you restore your home.

How the Water Damage Restoration Process Works

Step 1: the first thing you need to do when you detect any signs of water damage is to get in touch with us. With water damage, the longer you wait the more severe and extensive the damage gets and the more expensive it becomes to repair. We are always available for emergency services so feel free to call us any time.

Step 2: our technicians will arrive at your property for an extensive inspection and damage assessment. Here, our team is able to know the extent of the damage which helps us formulate a strategy on how to deal with it.

Step 3: water extraction/removal. This is where the magic happens. We use our skills and tools to remove all the water quickly and safely.

Step 4: to remove all traces of the water, we dry and dehumidify the area, leaving no trace of the water.

Step 5: in this stage, we clean and sanitize the area, leaving it sparkling clean and germ-free.

Step 6: the final step is restoration.


Why Choose Us for Your Water Damage Needs?


We have a group of highly trained water damage repair experts who can handle any job you throw at us. The fact that we are fully licensed and insured means that you don’t have to worry about a thing when you hire us.

24-hour Emergency Services

You never know what time water damage could strike. You could be sleeping at night then all of a sudden a water pipe blows and you need us there immediately. Feel free to have our number on speed dial because we will always pick your call any time to help you deal with water damage emergencies.

Affordability & Price

You won’t find any water damage Jacksonville experts who provide our quality of service at a lower price than ours.

TIP: Check the City of Jacksonville Website for some great Flood Protection Information

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