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Hard water doesn’t sit well with your appliances and plumbing. It not only affects their performance but also decreases their lifespan. If you have hard water, it’ll leave traces of a white powder on your pots and pans after the water has evaporated. The white substance is calcium deposits. Other signs of hard water are dry, flaky skin and crunchy, dull hair. Installing our water softeners in Leander will give your household the soft water it needs. As a premier water softener equipment supplier, our reliable and efficient products prevent the headaches that come with using hard water.

Benefits Of Our Water Softeners

Here’s why you should buy water softener:

Better Skin

Magnesium and calcium in hard water absorb some of your skin's natural moisture. The minerals also leave behind soap scum that clogs your pores. This causes your skin to become dry and itchy. Just by switching to soft water, your skin will look radiant and feel soft to the touch once more.

Great For Your Wallet

You could be spending a lot because of hard water. Appliances that use hard water need more energy to work, which raises your energy bills. And as limescale from the hard water continues to accumulate on your appliances, they’ll require frequent repairs and even replacements, which doesn’t come cheap. What's more, the number of cleaners required to remove the unpleasant buildup on your appliances and fixtures can increase your maintenance costs. Our quality water softeners will save you so much money.

  • Over time your appliances and plumbing will descale thanks to soft water. This means they’ll work more efficiently and won’t break down as often, saving you money in the long run.
  • Your boiler and hot water heater will work more efficiently, reducing your energy bills.

Fewer Repairs On Your Fixtures And Pipes

Hard water is a complete nightmare for your pipes and fixtures. It causes an accumulation of scale, particularly in steel pipes. When the minerals in hard water buildup, they reduce the size of your pipe and restrict water flow. At the same time, the limescale gradually damages your pipes. Eventually, you’ll be left with leaking and blocked pipes. Limescale also affects the functionality of fixtures like faucets, toilets, and showers. The good news is, our water softeners reduce or even get rid of the mineral accumulation, resulting in fewer repairs and replacements for your pipes and fixtures.

Keeps Your Plumbing In Tip Top Condition

Your plumbing does a lot of work day in, day out. On top of that, the constant flow of hard water containing harsh minerals adds pressure to your plumbing system, shortening its lifespan. By using soft water, you can protect your plumbing and ensure it serves you longer.

Expert Water Softener Installers

Having us install one of our super-efficient water softeners in Leander ensures your home has better-quality water. Whether you’re looking to stop limescale buildup, lower your energy bills, save more money, or improve the health of your hair and skin, our water softener systems at AWS can make this possible. And you won’t have to break the bank. Our water softener prices are competitive in the market. Water System Quote.

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